Who are the BPilgrims?

We are a community of Bible-believing youth from sister B-P churches, namely, Calvary, Evangel, Galilee, Life, New Life and Sharon. We have 3 platforms – an Instagram page, a main website and a forum.

Our theme verse, Hebrews 10:25, is the basis of this project – that we may gather together and exhort one another.

We aim to bring youth from these churches together, reminding each other of our common identity in Christ and in the B-P family. As the internet has presented youth with convenient access to a plethora of Christian resources, it has become harder to discern which content is biblically sound. Thus, we also aim to be grounded in the truth of God’s Word, and edify the youth by publishing or recommending resources with sound doctrine on our website.

Our target audience is youth aged 16-25, with articles focused on the issues faced by those entering National Service, pre-tertiary/tertiary education and the workforce, as well as sharings by youth, for youth. Through discussions about their respective vocations and the Bible on our forum, we also hope to engage the youth and encourage them to show love, and support each other in their daily Christian walk.

We chose the name “BPilgrims” as we would like to remind our brethren of our identity as pilgrims in this world (1 Pet 2:11, Heb 11:13), that we may abstain from fleshly lusts, being persuaded of and looking forward to the eternal promises of God. As Bible-Presbyterians, we desire that the Word of God directs our lives, that we may not just hear it but meditate on it day and night, and be doers of the Word (Ps 119:97, Jam 1:22).

Our logo depicts a brother and sister (our website mascots) holding the bible and looking towards the cross. The bags the duo are carrying identify them as travellers passing through this world, while the lines represent the interconnectedness between our sister churches.